In Partnership with DAVS

Mr. and Ms. H came to RTWC through Washington County Disabilities, Aging, and Veterans Services (DAVS) agency.  Ms. H cannot shower by herself or get her self up or down.  Relying on a walker or cane and her husband, who has his own physical limitations, daily life can sometimes be a struggle. The H-es are a lively and optimistic couple, but they needed some help. They worked with DAVS to help with necessary care services.

Even with the support of the case workers at DAVS, the H-es home continued to created struggles. Mr. H was lifting his wife several times a day so she could take a shower and use the toilet, despite his own disabilities.  He has his own disabilities and taking care of Mrs. H was becoming more of a challenge every day.

IMG_0190“After about noon, her joints hurt and she relies more on the walker.By the end of the day, she’s exhausted and loses her balance easy.  I worry that she’ll fall and hurt herself even more. This would lead to more physical limitations, more doctors visits, and more medical bills.” ~ Mr. H

DAVS contacted RTWC. Staff and volunteers made a number of repairs and modifications, including installing grab bars in the bathroom and a new ramp in and out of the home.

Mrs. H was happy to talk saying, “I love your program.  It was beyond a perfect experience.” These small modifications meant so much to them, and they are so grateful for DAVS and RTWC working together to help them. This partnership kept them from moving into a permanent care facility.