RTWC staff and volunteers complete repairs that will keep the homes of low income homeowners safe, warm, dry, and independent. Repairs performed include: making accessibility modifications, repairing floors, fixing plumbing leaks, fixing broken windows, repairing roofs, fixing electrical faults, exterior painting, and siding repairs.

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Homeowners are served based on the availability of funds & volunteers and categorized into a program they would be best served by.

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Critical Repair Program

RTWC maintains a year-round repair program designed to address those hazards that pose imminent threat to health and safety or necessary to keep elderly/disabled people living independently in their homes.

Urgent Repairs: RTWC staff and trained volunteers are mobilized to correct, repair, or replace an essential system and/or structural problem in a home.

Accessibility Modifications: For low-income homeowners who are disabled and/or elderly, RTWC makes accessibility upgrades, including wheelchair ramps, widening doors, handrails, grab rails, and ADA-compliant bathroom modifications. These modifications enable homeowners to remain as mobile and independent as possible.

Community Alliance for Home Repair

National Rebuilding Day (NRD): For over 20 years, on the last Saturday in April, RTWC has hosted and organized up to 200 volunteers to complete comprehensive repairs on up to 30 homes. Join us on Saturday, April 25, 2020.

Summer and Fall Community Projects: RTWC schedules teams of community allies in the summer and fall to complete projects that cannot wait until NRD. These projects are focused on repairs that eliminate the immediate risk of homelessness.

Repair It Forward: As a licensed contractor, RTWC has a unique opportunity to partner with homeowners and building managers in making repairs. By employing RTWC, community allies can contribute to our mission, enabling us to complete the free repairs in our other programs. RTWC only takes on a handful of these jobs per year so that our focus remains on safe & healthy housing for our low-income neighbors.