On April 30th, RTWC and Tualatin Rotary will be repairing siding and painting the home of Ms. H. Ms. H was first introduced to RTWC’s home repair program last July through her case manager at Washington County’s Disabilities, Aging, and Veterans Service Department. The case manager and Ms. H. had identified a number of repair needs they hoped RTWC could fix; the most immediate need was a safe walk from the front door to the sidewalk.

SidingMany of us take a safe entry in and out of our homes for granted but Ms. H falling on her way in and out of her home was a constant concern. She had fallen and hurt herself previously, and the stairs needed repaired and the distance from the stairs to the sidewalk was a tripping hazard. A simple fall for her could mean a broken back, neck, and wrist.  RTWC staff and volunteers immediately responded and replaced the front steps and placed pavers  to the sidewalk so she could walk steadily without the fear of falling.  Asking for help was a hard and humbling experience for Ms. H but she is glad she did. The new stairs and walkway and the bathroom grab bars gave Ms. H peace of mind.

Tualatin RotaryEven with all the work that RTWC staff and volunteers completed, they left knowing there was more to do. The biggest concern was the siding that had split enough that bugs, spiders, and mice were getting into her mobile home too freely. Thankfully, the Tualatin Rotary has stepped up and is contributing to the siding repair and paint project on Ms. H’s home. This is not work that Ms. H is able to complete on her own and she is so grateful for the support. She feels truly blessed by all the help and is glad people understand the need, not just for her, but throughout the community,

If you would like to help on projects like Ms. H’s, please sign up to volunteer on April 30th for our National Rebuilding Day. There is so much need, and you can make a major difference in the lives of these homeowners.