Last April, we helped 15 Washington County families stay safe, warm, and independent in their homes on National Rebuilding Day.  The feedback from homeowners displayed tremendous gratitude for our hardworking volunteers who came out on a sunny Saturday to lend their help.

Here are a few of the homeowners in their own words expressing their thanks and the meaning of the work:

NRD photoMs. M. is an elderly homeowner who had her mobile home painted, her gutters cleaned, and had her hand rails repaired and tightened on both porches.   She shared, “I could have never done this work.  It put a new lease on my life.  It made me feel there are so many wonderful people out there.”NRD photo2

Another homeowner, Ms. P struggles to provide for her 3 children as she is unable to work.  RTWC volunteers made repairs to her stairs and replaced her floors. She shared, “It meant a great deal to me.  I am disabled and stairs are extremely difficult for me.  They lowered the height of the stairs put another railing in.  I don’t have to mentally prepare myself for each step I take.  Steps are much better.  The flooring and redone under the kitchen sink are wonderful.  No more soft spots or mold.  Much safer for me and my family.  Thank you so much!”

An elderly woman, Ms. M., struggles to take care of her adult son who is a veteran and has disabilities that prevent him from working.  Both she and her son are over the age of 60 and could not have their house painted without the help of many dedicated volunteers. NRD photo3She said, “My experience was overwhelming to know so many people could be so caring and willing to work so hard and make my house feel special.  To live in it is so beautiful [.] Thank you goes out to those who helped to make me so joyful and happy.  My best to you all, thank you!”

These are just a few of the many thanks we received from National Rebuilding Day.  We are excited for this year’s NRD next month on the last Saturday in April.  Join a team, start a new one, or call us to see how you can help out.  We are always looking for folks to help in many ways and our homeowners are incredibly thankful for anyway you can show your support.  To see how you can help, visit